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Global Minority Serving Institutions

Global MSIs are an emerging field of study that arose in 2014 at the Salzburg Global Seminar, a convening of MSI leaders held in Salzburg, Austria. Out of that meeting came two reports, which set the foundation for Global MSIs to be examined.

SATM1 copy.png
SATM2 copy.png

Following suit, these reports also spawned the first map to track where MSIs are in the world. This map identifies more than 300 MSIs operating outside of the United States. Each institution is listed in the report, linked via the map picture below.

Map1 original.png

In 2017, these reports were followed up by a paper that further defined the definition of “Minority Serving Institutions” in the global sphere. This paper gives an in-depth look to how these institutions are performing, providing examples of the gaps they fill within various education systems.

MSIs1 copy.png

The sources on this page (as seen in pictures) are not the author’s own and, indeed, link to other websites where the source originates.

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