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Height: 5"6

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: San Francisco, CA


Hallmark, T., Ardoin, S., & Means, D. (Eds.). (Under Contract). Rurality across race and ethnicity: Considerations for advancing higher education equity. Stylus Publishing.

Journal Articles

Espinosa, L., Hallmark, T., & Baxter, K. (2022). MSI pathways to STEM graduate education: Lessons for the field. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 54(4), 31-37.

Hallmark, T., & Ardoin, S. (2021). Public narratives and postsecondary pursuits: An examination of gender, rurality, and college choice. Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education, 14(2), 121-142.


Núñez, A.-M., Posselt, J., Hallmark, T., Rivera, J., & Southern, D. (2021). The organization of learning in geoscience fieldwork and implications for inclusion. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 27(3), 33-60.


Núñez, A.-M., Rivera, J., & Hallmark, T. (2020). Applying the lens of intersectionality to understand barriers to access and persistence in the geosciences. Journal of Geoscience Education, 68(2), 97-114.


Hallmark, T., & Gasman, M. (2018). MSIs across the globe: Laying the foundation for future research. Higher Education, 75(2), 287-298.

Journal Articles in Progress

Hallmark, T. (In Progress). Organizations as racialized and class-stratified: The case of higher education institutions.

Hallmark, T., & Maxwell, M. (In Progress). Affirmative action or civil rights? A textual analysis of ballot measures and related discourse.

Book Chapters

Gasman, M., Hallmark, T., & Lo, P. (In Press). HBCUs, Tribal colleges, for-profit institutions, and community colleges: Legal implications for important sectors of U.S. higher education. In P. Lake (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Higher Education Law. Oxford University Press.

Hallmark, T. (2019). MSIs around the world. In A. Castro Samayoa, & M. Gasman (Eds.), A Primer on Minority Serving Institutions. Routledge Press.


Hallmark, T., & Feraud, P. T. (2017). Strategies to increase participation in study abroad at HBCUs and HSIs. In M. Gasman, A. Castro Samayoa, C. Boland, & P. Esmieu (Eds.), Educational Challenges at Minority Serving Institutions. Routledge Press.


Book Reviews

Hallmark, T., & Renbarger, R. (2021). [Review of the book The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges are Failing Disadvantaged Students, authored by A. A. Jack]. Educational Studies, 57(1), 96-100.

Núñez, A.-M., & Hallmark, T. (2019). [Review of the book Mentoring at minority serving institutions: Theory, design, practice, and impact, edited by J. McClinton, D. S. B. Mitchell, T. Carr, M. A. Melton, & G. B. Hughes]. Teachers College Record


Research Reports and Policy Briefs

Hallmark, T., & Knight, G. (2021). Enrollment and degree completion at rural, broadly accessible institutions in Appalachia and beyond. Alliance for Research on Regional Colleges.


Martinez, A., & Hallmark, T. (2018). Spotlight on MSIs: Turning student activism into votes. Center for Minority Serving Institutions, University of Pennsylvania.


Hallmark, T., & Martinez, A. (2017). MSI VOTE: Ensuring democracy and promoting voting through the power of minority serving institutions. Center for Minority Serving Institutions, University of Pennsylvania.


Hallmark, T., & Reed, T. (2016). Lessons from Ontario: An analysis of Indigenous postsecondary education. Contact North | Contact Nord.

Editorial Publications

Hallmark, T. (2020). The rich get richer in the midst of a pandemic. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

Hallmark, T. (2020). Voter suppression during COVID-19. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.


Hallmark, T. (2020). On who matters -- and who doesn't -- in higher educationDiverse: Issues in Higher Education

Hallmark, T. (2020). College teaching during the COVID-19 outbreakDiverse: Issues in Higher Education.

Hallmark, T. (2020). Engaging students in voting doesn't necessitate reinventing the wheel. Forbes BrandVoice.

Hallmark, T. (2020). Authorship: The elephant in the room. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

Hallmark, T. (2020). The positives of pursuing the doctoral degree. ASHE Grads Blog.

Hallmark, T. (2019). Are higher education programs failing to practice what they teach? ASHE Grads Blog.

Hallmark, T. (2019). On being told to manage money that I don't have. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

Hallmark, T. (2019). Success comes at a price. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.


Hallmark, T. (2018). Why are only the white marches the right marches? Diverse: Issues in Higher Education


Hallmark, T. (2018). When ‘failure is okay’ is not okay. The Chronicle of Higher Education.


Gasman, M., Hallmark, T., & Martinez, A. (2017). Minority serving institutions: A key to greater voter turnout for people of color. Forbes BrandVoice.


Hallmark, T., & Gasman, M. (2017). Why don’t students vote? Because we don’t want them to. The Huffington Post.

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