Height: 5"6

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: San Francisco, CA

My work aims to expand equity in postsecondary opportunities and improve postsecondary outcomes for marginalized groups. In particular, my research focuses on three strands of scholarship: (1) the cultivation of inclusive organizational cultures; (2) critical and intersectional perspectives of social class; and (3) the role of place, space, and social origin in higher education. In addition to these lines of inquiry, much of my research has paid attention to four particular social groups: (1) first-generation students, (2) low-income students, (3) Indigenous students, and (4) rural students.

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Espinosa, L., Hallmark, T., & Baxter, K. (2022). MSI pathways to STEM graduate education: Lessons for the field. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 54(4), 31-37.


Hallmark, T., & Ardoin, S. (2021). Public narratives and postsecondary pursuits: An examination of gender, rurality, and college choice. Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education, 14(2), 121-142.

Núñez, A.-M., Rivera, J., & Hallmark, T. (2020). Applying the lens of intersectionality to understand barriers to access and persistence in the geosciences. Journal of Geoscience Education, 68(2), 97-114.

Select Recent Presentations

Flowers, J., Donnor, J., Hallmark, T., & Cooley Nichols, S. (2022). Critical race theory and rural education. Invited panelist for the AERA Rural Education SIG's Equity and Justice in Rural Education webinar series. Virtual event. [Recording]

Hallmark, T. (2021). When equity is not enough: Understanding antiracism in teaching. Invited speaker at Boston University's Emerging Scholars Symposium. Virtual Event. [Slides]


Hallmark, T. (2020). Social class and intersectionality. Invited speaker/panelist at a University of Kentucky seminar, entitled Beyond Access To: Supporting Students Within Higher Education. Virtual event. [Slides]