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This page serves to represent the various resources which I provide on this website. Although some resources were created by me, there are many resources which I simply curated and provide here. I have given credit where credit is due, but please contact me at if you have any concerns.

List of Editorial Outlets and Blogs

This link provides an updated list of editorial outlets and blogs. These outlets are particularly useful for voicing opinions, sharing research with a broader audience, and providing recommendations for policymakers and practitioners. Additionally, it is important to recognize that those outlets which pay tend to be more competitive and have lower acceptance rates.

List of Higher Education Journals

This link connects to a blog and spreadsheet regarding journals that specifically cover "higher education as well as educational journals open for contributions on higher education." The blog and spreadsheet were organized by the Early Career Higher Education Research Network, not me. If their link has expired or does not work for some reason, you can download the spreadsheet here.

List of Book Publishers

This link provides an updated list of book publishers that publish in the field of higher education. Relatedly, I recommend you check out AUPresses resources here, wherein they provide a larger list of associated university presses and a subject area grid for those presses. Please feel free to send suggestions for publishers that I should add to the list -- however, they must be currently active in publishing higher education literature.

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