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Articles on Rurality and Higher Education

(Alphabetical order)

Ames, M. E., Wintre, M. G., Pancer, S. M., Pratt, M. W., Birnie-Lefcovitch, S., Polivy, J., ... Adams, G. R. (2014). Rural compared to urban home community settings as predictors of first-year students’ adjustment to university. Journal of College Student Development, 55(2), 208-215.

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Hlinka, K. R. (2017). Tailoring retention theories to meet the needs of rural Appalachian community college students. Community College Review, 45(2), 144-164.


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Worsham, R., Clayton, A., & Gaston Gayles, J. (2021). Exploring rural engineering students' college choice process at two land-grant universities. The Rural Educator, 42(3), 28-44.

Articles on Rurality and Education Broadly

(Alphabetical order)

Hawley, L. R., Koziol, N. A., Bovaird, J. A., McCormick, C. M., Welch, G. W., Arthur, A. M., & Bash, K. (2017). Defining and describing rural: Implications for rural special education research and policy. Rural Special Education Quarterly, 35(3), 3-11. 

Means, D. R. (2019). Crucial support, vital aspirations: The college and career aspirations of rural Black and Latinx middle school students in a community- and youth-based leadership program. Journal of Research in Rural Education, 35(1), 1-14.

Thier, M., Longhurst, J. M., Grant, P. D., & Hocking, J. E. (2021). Research deserts: A systematic mapping review of U.S. rural education definitions and geographies. Journal of Research in Rural Education, 37(2), 1-24.

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