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Reports on Rurality and Higher Education

(Alphabetical order)

Beamer, L., & Steinbaum, M. (2019). Unequal and uneven: The geography of higher education access. Phenomenal World.

Braga, B., McKernan, S.-M., & Quakenbush, C. (2019). Debt in America: An Interactive Map. The Urban Institute.

Campbell, C. (2019). Those left behind: Gaps in college attainment by race and geography. Center for American Progress.

Hillman, N. (2019). Place matters: A closer look at education deserts. Third Way. 

Hillman, N., & Weichman, T. (2016). Education deserts: The continued significance of "place" in the twenty-first century. American Council on Education.

Schmidt, R. A., & Park, C. J., (2021). Nonacademic interventions for postsecondary enrollment and success
in rural high-poverty schools: A systematic evidence review
. SRI International, Regional
Educational Laboratory Appalachia

Reports on Rurality Broadly

(Alphabetical order)

Chinni, D., & Pinkus, A. (2019). A new portrait of rural America: A report from the American Communities Project. American Communities Project, George Washington University.

Owens, S. (2019). Education in Georgia's Black Belt: Policy solutions to help overcome a history of exclusion. Georgia Budget and Policy Institute. 

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