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This page serves to represent various resources from which scholars studying rural higher education might benefit. I do not take credit for having accumulated all of these resources -- there are many scholars whom first introduced these resources to me, and to those scholars (and the original providers of said resources), I say THANK YOU


Rural Scholar Slack


At present, there is a Rural Scholar Slack that I have put together in order to facilitate community among rural scholars, allowing others to share announcements and resources that relate to rural higher education. If you are interested in joining the Slack, please send your email address to me directly at, and I will send you an invite.

Rural Scholar Twitter List

There has been a recent effort to bring rural scholars together in social networks -- most notably, Twitter. As a part of this effort, I have organized a Twitter list of rural scholars worth following. You can follow the list here. In order to become a part of the list, please message me on Twitter @Hallmark2032.

Rural Education Special Interest Group


The Rural Education SIG of AERA promotes "scholarly conversation about the lives of rural people, places and their schools through research and provides a forum for dissemination of this research." Learn more here.

Rural and Small Town Special Interest Group


The Rural and Small Town SIG of NACAC brings together "professionals who support rural education and share knowledge of rural assets, challenges, and issues with one another." Learn more here.

Rural Matters Podcast Series on Higher Education

Rural Matters is a biweekly, 30-minute podcast that aims "to increase awareness, inform discussion, and expand the dialogue on the most important issues facing rural stakeholders every day." Recently, the podcast had a special four-part series pertaining to rural higher education. Episode links are below.


Part I        Part II        Part III        Part IV

National Rural Postsecondary Research Agenda

Led by Ascendium Education Group and facilitated by Sova Solutions, various rural scholars were brought together to construct a research agenda focused on generating knowledge to help practitioners and policymakers remove systemic barriers for rural learners from low-income backgrounds. Learn more here.

Rural Journals

Rural Organizations

Other Rural Resources

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